Damp Repairs at Northern Caravans

We are equipped to deal with your damage or damp problems at our workshop. No matter how large or small the problem is, our skilled team will advise you on how we can treat the issue, or replace any damaged and/or damp sections of your caravan.

Caravans can become damp for many reasons, water ingress due to poor seals around windows, vents and lighting fixtures. Poor or inadequate ventilation can also be a cause for damp problems with caravans. Modern caravans are less susceptible to damp problems however regular servicing is important as a prevention measure.

We’re able to assess your caravan damp problem and provide a detailed plan of action and quotation. All work is carried out to NCC standards in our approved workshops in Cheshire


Caravan Damp Repairs Cheshire
Caravan and motorhome damp repair specialists in Warrington Cheshire
An example of caravan damp being repaired in our workshop.

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